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Guideline for exchange students at FHWS

Dear students,

in the past exchange students had major problems choosing the right courses at FHWS. The result: high failure rates in the exams and only few courses that were accepted at the respective home university. This guideline wants to improve this situation by enabling you to choose the right courses before coming to Germany.

The aim is that you choose your classes at FHWS while you are still at home and get the approval for these courses by the professors of your home university in advance. With this preparation you will be able to attend these approved classes from the first week on which is highly recommended to avoid organizational problems.

General information

  1. In general, all courses, lab work and exams are in German. No exceptions can be made. Courses from other degree programmes that are offered by our faculty in English can be found here.
  2. Even if you are enrolled at our Faculty for Mechanical Engineering or Mechatronics, it is possible to take courses from all other faculties and degree programmes. The Faculties of Mechanical, Electrical and Business Engineering are located in Schweinfurt, all others are in Wuerzburg. We advise you to take only courses from Schweinfurt.
  3. All courses from semester 1 to 3 are offered only once a year, either in the winter or the summer term. Some courses from semester 4 to 7 are offered in summer and winter. To find out when they take place, please check the Syllabus (study plan, Studienplan) and the guideline on how to use it.
  4. Several courses have been merged into module groups with only one exam at the end. That means you will find individual courses by different professors, but at the end of the year there will be just one exam for all these courses together. The students at FHWS are not allowed to take just one course and write part of the exam. However, exceptions can be made for exchange students. Please check the Syllabus (study plan, Studienplan) and the guideline on how to use it.